Friday, May 3, 2013

Caldecott Honor Award Book Review: Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett

This past weekend while I was in Fort Worth I was able to spend a few hours at TLA on Saturday. If you've been to TLA you know that Saturday is the day publishers sell off all their extra books, and giveaway any arcs they have left. I feel so lucky to have been able to purchase to amazing picture books for a steal of a deal. Both of these books have won the Caldecott Honor Award and for good reason. I HIGHLY recommend adding Extra Yarn and BLACKOUT to your class room, library or home list of must have books! 

By: Mac Barnett
Illustrated by: Jon Klassen
Published by: Harper Collins Childrens
Released on: January 17th, 2012
Source: purchased from publisher at TLA '13
5 Owlets: I LOVED IT!
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This looks like an ordinary box full of ordinary yarn.

But it turns out it isn't.

I love this book! I swear this book was written for me. From the story to the illustrations, everything about this book beautiful. What an adorable, heart warming story. Young Annabelle finds a small wooden box and in that box is some magic yarn. Annabelle is able to not just knit a sweeter for herself and her pet, but the entire town, it's houses, and even for the woodland animals. Annabelle's actions don't go missed. She not only brings color to her town, she does something for everyone who lives in her small wooded town. I loved Annabelle. I loved her even more for the answer she gives a certain someone when she's offered a lot of money for her wooden box and her magic yarn.

This story is seriously one of the best illustrated children's books I've read/looked at in a long time. Not only does it provide a great story with a heartwarming message, and show case some adorable illustrations that I would totally frame, this story has provided priceless moments my little girl and I as we have spent countless time reading Annabelle's story, and looking through every illustration in this book. Extra Yarn has quickly become a household favorite. This is one book I'd highly recommend adding to  your home library, classrooms and school libraries. It's a book that's staying on my shelves for a long time to come.
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