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Book Reviews: Pop Culture Books for Tweens; 100% Justin Bieber, Just Getting Started

By: Justin Bieber
Published by: Harper Collins Childrens
Released on: 9/13/12
Source: book from publisher to review
3 Owlets: It's A Good Read
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"My story is something I like to share with others, to show people that with enough belief in yourself and what you can accomplish, anything is possible."—Justin Bieber
From Tel Aviv to Tokyo, over the past few years I've traveled around the world and back again. It's been amazing, but it's also hard to believe that not so long ago I was singing on the streets of Stratford, Ontario. I can honestly say that anything is possible, anyone can live the dream, and every day is a blessing.
Now everywhere I go, I'm met with so much love. It's all about you, my fans, and that's why I'm dedicating my book to everyone who's come to sing along. I want to share the stories of my life on the road with you. From the crazy highs of performing on stage to spending those precious quiet moments with my friends and family, I want to give you a personal backstage pass to my world. It's been exhausting but always eye-opening and amazing.
I know, you're probably shocked to see another pop culture book review on here. Believe me, I am. Really I wasn't going to post a review for this book, because I'm not a big Justin Bieber fan, and thankfully neither are my kids. So you're probably wondering why I even reviewed the book right? Sometimes my curiosity gets the better of me, and I want to know more about the person the media loves to rip apart, which I don't care for them either. 

While reading this book with a very closed mind, I realized I'm being judgemental toward a kid, an artist I really don't know much about other than the gossip I hear from the kids I talk to at the school and church, who all say Justin Beiber isn't much of role model, or they don't really care for him anymore. It's true no one is perfect, and you can't hear or believe everything you see/read in the news. I realized my thoughts towards Justin stem from hearing such stuff. There's always more to a person than what you see on TV or read about from the new stands. 

In reviewing this book, I learned things about Justin. One, this kid must have endless amount of energy. He has literally been all over the world. I don't know how he does it. Two, his mom keeps him grounded. Three, he has an incredible fanbase. Four, his mentor was Michael Jackson, and who doesn't love MJ. When I was growing up, that's when MJ was big, and yes, I adored him. One of the things that stood out the most to me is something neat that Justin does. In EVERY city he visits, he always tries to see at least one MAKE A WISH child! ONE. How awesome is that?! On page 56, he says,

"During the North American leg of the tour, I did 86 cities and tried to see a Wish kid at each stop along the way. A couple of hours of my time is just a small gesture I can make to give back to others, something I really love to do. It is sad and somethings really hard to see so many sick kids, but it is also motivational to see how they don't let their diseases get to them and how strong they are to be in the fight for their lives."

Wow! His mama sure raised him right, and two, WOW! This kid knows how to give back. What a great example he is to giving back. I for one can't even imagine what it's like to travel to 86 cities. I go away from traveling one city and I'm tired, but 86 is crazy. In the midst of that craziness he still makes it out visit a fan or two. Though I'm still not a fan, now I'm starting to sound like my Mom who couldn't stand my obsession with New Kids on the Block back in the day when they were big, I've got to give to a kid who can do all he can, and for the most part keep his head on straight. Now if I had read/reviewed this book during my tween years, I might have loved this book. This is one book that's being donated to my kids's school library, because these type of books don't stay on the shelves for long there. I'd definitely recommend this to those who are fans of Justin Bieber. 
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