Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fall Ball by Peter McCarty, Book Review

By: Peter McCarty
Published by: MacKids/Henry Holt
Released on: 9/3/13
Ages: Toddler & up
Source: arc from publisher to review
4 Owlets: We Really Enjoyed It!
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Bobby and his friends wait all day for school to end and for their chance to play outdoors in the fall weather. Flying leaves, swirling colors, and crisp air make the perfect setting for a game of football with Sparky the dog.

The kids are surprised by how quickly it gets dark, and even more surprised when it begins to snow. But there’s no need to worry—the chilly nights ahead will mean watching football on the couch with family, tucked under a cozy blanket.

With Fall winding down, and Football season still going on, FALL BALL is the perfect book to pick up. With it's simplistic story, and simply fabulous illustrations, Peter McCarty has created book that kids of all ages will love. Full of fun, friendship, football, and a cold snowy night, this is a book I would highly recommend picking up.

My little girl LOVES this book. It's silly, fun, and has illustrations not too commonly seen in children's books, which I absolutely loved. This is a book that will easily hold the attention of a toddler, and one that older children will enjoy. My first grader has even enjoyed reading this story with me. As I mentioned earlier, I love the illustrations in this book. It's one you can simply look through without even reading the story itself and still enjoy it.

If you're looking for a book to add to your shelves I'd recommend picking up FALL BALL!
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