Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hi, Koo! A Year of Seasons by Jon J Muth, Book Review

By: Jon J. Muth
Published by: Scholastic
To Be Released on: 2/25/14
Source: unbound book from publisher to review from publisher
Ages: Toddler & Up
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Caldecott Honoree and NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author/artist Jon J Muth takes a fresh and exciting new look at the four seasons!

Eating warm cookies
on a cold day
is easy
water catches
every thrown stone
skip skip splash

With a featherlight touch and disarming charm, Jon J Muth--and his delightful little panda bear, Koo--challenge readers to stretch their minds and imaginations with twenty-six haikus about the four seasons.

This book is simply beautiful. Both in it's words and illustrations. Author Jon J Muth does a brilliant job at introducing readers to Haiku, a poetic form that originated in Japan, to tell his story. I've not read a book written in Haiku, and I have to say I loved it. I worked perfect for Koo's story. We loved the illustrations and the telling of the different seasons. I felt like Jon captured the essence of what each of the four seasons brings and encompasses perfectly with Koo's story. My little girl loves this book! This one will be picking up when it hits book store shelves.

Fans of Koo's will love picking this book up. If you've not yet met Koo, the lovable Panda Bear, you're missing out. I'm going to be shocked if this book isn't up for an award this year. This is a must have!

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