Tuesday, March 4, 2014

If Your Kids LOVED Frozen, They May Loves These Books

Harper Collins Children's Books put together a list of fabulous, must read children's books for those who loved Frozen. The books featured below are from their list here.


I've read three out of the five featured books, and I loved them! I'll definitely be picking up the other two to read. You can read my reviews for Breadcrumbs and The Winterling. Be sure to visit Harper Collins here, to find out more about each of these books.


  1. Thanks! My granddaughter is crazy for frozen, so I will pick up some of these for her.

  2. I would read those for sure; Frozen is just the sweetest book ever.

  3. This is a great idea and a great list of books. I recently visited Disney World. I had hopes to se a lot of great Frozen toys, books, and other things...Unfortunately, there was only one small store in EPCOT which sold such items. I was disappointed. Thanks for this list!

  4. I really like the disney movie Frozen. If you are a fan of Frozen, do purchase the book Frozen at the right side at my blog with a really cheap price!


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