Monday, June 30, 2014

Soccer on Sunday (Magic Tree House #52) by Mary Pope Osborne, Book Review

By: Mary Pope Osbourne
Published by: Random House Kids
Released on: May 27th, 2014
Series: The Magic Tree House #52
Ages: 8 & up
Source: book from publisher to review
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Just in time for the 2014 Fifa World Cup, Magic Tree House #52: Soccer on Sunday will take Jack and Annie to a soccer field in Mexico where they must find the final secret of greatness for Merlin. On the field, they'll meet a young soccer player who dreams of one day playing in the World Cup just like his hero, the great Brazilian soccer player, PelĂ©!

Perfect for fans for soccer, The Magic Tree House series, and fans cheering on their favorite teams during this year's World Cup. Soccer on Sunday continues the exciting adventure of Jack and Annie. This time Merlin sends them on mission to find the final secret of greatness. Who better to find it from, then soccer great Pele!

One of the things that makes this such a great series, is the fact that children not only get to read a great adventure story, they also get to learn about historical people or places in the process. With Soccer on Sunday, Mary does a fabulous job at making the reader feel as though they've got along with on Jack and Annie's adventure to the 1970 World Cup games in Mexico. Through learning what it was like to have the games in Mexico during this time, the history of soccer, and finding out what it meant to the people there, this was one story that had me wishing I stuck to playing soccer as kid.

An added bonus to the story is the illustrations that are dotted through out the story, and the information Mary includes at the end of her story about some of the greatest soccer players of all times, including Pele, and some female players, as well as other male soccer stars. Fans will also love a visit from some of the series's present and past characters. As I mentioned before, this a book worthy of purchasing for fans of the series, as well as for soccer fans. It's the perfect read to pick up during this year's watching of the World Cup games.

This received 5 owlets in our home! Check out my review for The Magic Tree House fact tracker: Soccer, here.

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Mutts Diaries by Patrick McDonnell, Book Review

By: Patrick McDonnell
Published by: Amp! Comics for Kids (Simon Kids)
To Be Released on: 10/7/14
Ages: 8-12
Source: arc from publisher to review
Rating: 4.5 Owlets - I Really Enjoyed It
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The beloved characters in Mutts have a special appeal to kids. The warm humor and friendship between unlikely characters create a special blend. Earl is a small mutt with a big heart who cheerfully tugs at the leash on the walk of life. Earl is Mooch the cat's innocent friend, as well as a witness to Mooch's antics, and is sometimes a reluctant participant. Mooch has a fuzzy way of thinking and exclaiming "Yesh!" when really excited. Lively, animated, confident, and silly, Mooch is a smorgasbord of emotions who dances with enthusiasm and sings a lot. Mooch is the curious instigator of action, while the ever-loyal Earl often gets pulled into the fray.

Created in 1994, Mutts appears in more than 700 newspapers and in 20 countries. McDonnell has received numerous awards for this strip, including the National Cartoonists Society's highest honor, The Reuben, for Cartoonist of the Year, six Harvey Awards for Best Comic Strip, Germany's Max and Moritz Award for Best International Comic Strip, and the Swedish Academy of Comic Art's Adamson Statuette. Mutts has also won awards for its environmental and animal advocacy, including two Genesis Awards from The Ark Trust, The HSUS Hollywood Genesis Award for Ongoing Commitment, the PETA Humanitarian Award, and a Sierra Club award.

This is one MG book/graphic novel worth picking up! I'm not usually a big graphic novel fan, but I really enjoyed this book. 

I really enjoyed that this book is made up of the various characters's dairies. I'm torn on who I liked more, because each character was fun to read about, though I think Crabby is one that made me laugh the most. You know it's good when you end up picking up a book you received a day earlier, and are up at 1 am laughing hysterically at some of the comics on the pages.

Here are two of my favorite pages I posted via my Instagram account and Twitter:

*Both images are ones I took with my iPhone while reading, and are from the arc, and not the published book* 

 I'm normally not one who would rip a page out of book (actually I don't do that at all), but this is one book that I found myself tempted to take a few pages out of, so I could hang them up above my desk. The Mutts Diaries is a graphic novel/comic book that will delight readers of all ages. The humor is one that both 3rd graders and adults will enjoy. I like that McDonnell wrote his book in such a way that readers will get the humor on various levels. What kids will think is hysterical may not be what parents think is funny, and visa vera. Regardless, this is a clean cut book that is definitely worth picking up when it's out this October. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Maze Runner Movie Tie-In Edition Cover Revealed!

 MG fans, check out this exciting news from Random House Kids, which James Dashner and actor Dylan O'Brien, whom stars in The Maze Runner movie, recently shared with fans. It's the cover for the movie tie edition of the book!!

Per Random House
Fans are eagerly awaiting the film adaptation of the first book in James Dashner’s action-packed series, hailed as “[A] mysterious survival saga that passionate fans describe as a fusion of Lord of the FliesThe Hunger Games, and Lost” by Entertainment With 4 million copies of the series sold, James Dashner continues to grow his Dashner Army fan base every day, and both fans and newcomers to the books will be thrilled to see these movie-tie in editions (which they can read before they see the film.) 

THE MAZE RUNNER movie tie-in edition (pictured above) of the New York Times bestseller The Maze Runner features an eight-page full-color insert with photos from the film and an exclusive fan sticker.

In INSIDE THE MAZE RUNNER: THE GUIDE TO THE GLADEreaders can explore the Glade and uncover the secrets to the Maze in the ultimate Maze Runner movie companion book. This action-packed volume features more than 100 thrilling full-color photographs, up-close profiles of the Gladers, and details about the Glade, the Maze, and more! A must-have for fans of the Maze Runner series, who’ll want to learn all they can before The Maze Runner movie hits theaters on September, 19, 2014.

Dylan O’Brien, star of THE MAZE RUNNER, revealed the movie tie-in edition via twitter recently, and James Dashner revealed the cover of INSIDE THE MAZE RUNNER. Be sure to retweet, post, and share the excitement that continues to build for the movie! #Dashner Army.

I can't wait for this movie tie edition to be out! This movie looks like it's going to be awesome!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Ninja Red Riding Hood by Corey Rosen Schwartz, Book Review

By: Corey Rosen Schwartz
Illustrated by: Dan Santat
Published by: G.P. Putnam & Sons
To Be Released on: July 10th, 2014
Ages: 5 & up
Source: book from publisher to review
Rating: 5 Owlets - We LOVED It
Pre-Order from: Amazon | B&N | The Book Depository
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Companion to the hit The Three Ninja Pigs, this fractured fairy tale is a sure-fire storytime hit.

Wolf just can’t catch a break! Ever since the three little pigs started teaching everyone Ninja skills, huffing and puffing just hasn’t been enough to scare up a good meal. 

His craving for meat sends Wolf to classes at the dojo, and soon he’s ready to try out his new moves. A little girl and her tiny granny should be easy targets—right?

Not if Little Red has anything to say about it! Kiya!

A must have fractured fairy tale. This book is fantastic and has it all! Plenty of laughs, action and is a great story kids of all ages will enjoy. 

Who knew the Little Red, her Grandmother and the Wolf were ninjas? In this laugh out loud version they are. Unlike the original Little Red Riding, this Red evenly matches the Wolf. That is until her Gran arrives, and the two of them out match the Wolf. Don't worry, this Wolf learns a lesson and gets his own happy ending. 

We loved this book! Ninja Red Riding Hood has found it's place on our shelf of favorite children's books. This is an entertaining read. With rhyming text, laugh out loud moments, and great illustrations this easy to read book will keep it's readers engaged the entire time. 

This is a book I'd highly recommend picking up. I am looking forward to reading more fractured fairytales from Corey and Dan. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Soccer Fence: A story of friendship, hope, and apartheid in South Africa by Phil Bildner, Book Review

Illustrated by: Jesse Joshua Watson
Published by: Putnam Juvenile
Released on: March 1st, 2014
Ages: 9 & up
Source: book from publisher to review
Rating: 4 Owlets - It's A Great Read
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In a country struggling with acceptance, hope can come in many different forms.
As a boy, Hector loved playing soccer in his small Johannesburg township. He dreamed of playing on a real pitch with the boys from another part of the city, but apartheid made that impossible. Then, in 1990, Nelson Mandela was released from prison, and apartheid began to crumble. The march toward freedom in South Africa was a slow one, but when the beloved Bafana Bafana national soccer team won the African Cup of Nations, Hector realized that dreams once impossible could now come true.
This poignant story of friendship artfully depicts a brief but critical moment in South Africa’s history and the unique role that sports can play in bringing people together.

This was a fabulous read, and not at all what I was excepting.

This is more than just a story about two young boys who grew up on opposites of the fence playing soccer, it's a story full of historical information during a crucial time for the South African Country where the story is set. Bildner does a fabulous job at giving readers historical accounts that spanned a few years, and blended that perfectly into young Hector's love for soccer. Through Hector's eyes, readers learn about what it was like for him growing up in a country that was divided by race, and brought together by a love of soccer. The story spans from when Hector was really young, to Nelson Madnela's release from prison, his presidency win, and the 1996 Cup of Nations.

This is a book that not only tells the story of a young soccer fan who grew up in South Africa, this book teaches young readers about historical events that brought a country together. I'll admit I learned something from reading this book. The story is insightful, easy to read and understand. Bildner does a great job at teaching readers about apartheid in a way that young readers will understand it. I loved that he included the historical references about Nelson Mandela, his presidency win, and his love for sports. As the author points out in Hector's story, Mandela used sports as a way to bring his country together. The illustrations added a lot to the story as well. I like the way Watson was able to create pictures that showed a lot of emotion, without getting carried away with the illustration. I loved the end of the book as Watson created what looks like newspaper clippings that include the author's notes for the apartheid timeline which started dates from 1912 and goes through 2010. 

The Soccer Fence is great read for fans of soccer and historical fiction. This is a book that would be great for grades 3rd-5th.

* Teachers can check out Penguin's reading guide for teachers about the book here.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

THE UNWANTEDS: Island of Shipwrecks by Lisa McMann, Cover Reveal

Check it out THE UNWANTEDS fans, yesterday Lisa McMann revealed the cover for her 5th book is the series!! THE UNWANTEDS: Island of Shipwrecks will be out Feb. 3, 2015!

I LOVE this cover! To be honest I've loved all the cover for this series. They all compliment each other perfectly. I can't wait to read this one! 

Lisa also announced that THE UNWANTEDS: Island of Fire (book 3) will be out on paperback on July 8th, 2014, joining both books 1 & 2 which are already out in paperback. 

THE UNWANTEDS: Island of Legends (book 4) hits shelves on September 2, 2014!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Great Reads from Harper Collins Childrens

Happy Marvelous Middle Grade Monday!
School is out & Summer Vacation has started! 
Check out some of these exciting releases from Harper Children's that are perfect for Summer Reading and getting your kiddos ready for the upcoming school year. Before we know it's going to be time to get ready for back to school. 


Biscuit Loves the Library written by Alyssa Satin Capucilli, illustrated by Pat Schories9780061935077 – $16.99 – Ages 4 to 8 – On Sale: 2/18/2014
Hooray! It is Read to a Pet Day at the library. Biscuit and his friend, the little girl, are excited to look at all of the books. And with the help of a very special person, the little puppy finds the perfect book to read and share.

Little Lola written by Julie Saab, illustrated by David Gothard9780062274571 – $16.99 – Ages 4 to 8 – On Sale: 4/22/2014
Lola the curious cat discovers that she loves school, in this funny and fast-paced picture book introducing Little Lola! A great read-aloud picture book for fans of the OLIVIA books.

Splat the Cat Makes Dad Glad written and illustrated by Rob Scotton9780062115997 – $16.99 – Ages 4 to 8 – On Sale: 4/22/2014
Splat the Cat makes his dad proud—but not quite in the way he intended to—in this hilarious beginning reader adventure!

Flip & Fin: We Rule the School! written by Timothy Gill, illustrated by Neil Numberman9780062243003 – $14.99 – Ages 4 to 8 – On Sale: 4/22/2014
Flip and Fin the sand shark twins rule the school—and the high seas! A laugh-out-loud funny picture book brimming with goofy jokes, bright sea animals, and two brothers who crack each other up.

Little Critter: Just My Lost Treasure written and illustrated by Mercer Mayer9780061478062 – $16.99 – Ages 4 to 8 – On Sale: 5/27/2014
Join Mercer Mayer’s classic and loveable Little Critter is searching for a missing sock so he can get ready for school. But even he is surprised by all of the lost treasures he finds during his hunt!

Chu’s First Day of School written by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Adam Rex9780062223975 – $17.99 – Ages 4 to 8 – On Sale: 6/24/2014
In this sequel to the New York Times bestseller CHU’S DAY, the adorable little panda with the great big sneeze heads off to his first day of school. From bestselling author Neil Gaiman and acclaimed illustrator Adam Rex.

Monsters Love School written and illustrated by Mike Austin 9780062286185 – $15.99 – Ages 4 to 8 – On Sale: 6/24/2014
Summer is over, and now it’s time for the biggest adventure of all...Monster School! Join these hilarious, energetic monsters as they go to school for the first time in author/illustrator Mike Austin’s picture book sequel to MONSTERS LOVE COLOR. Reading and writing and learning your monster history has never been so much fun!

Pinkalicious and the New Teacher written and illustrated by Victoria Kann9780062189134 – $16.99 – Ages 4 to 8 – On Sale: 6/24/2014
It’s the first day of school and that means a brand new teacher, Ms. Penny! Pinkalicious misses her old teacher until she comes up with an idea to make the classroom feel a little more familiar and pinkeriffic.

Amelia Bedelia Chalks One Up written Herman Parish, illustrated by Lynne Avril9780062334220 – $16.99 – Ages 4 to 8 – On Sale: 8/6/2014
Amelia Bedelia has been loved by readers for fifty years. And it turns out that her childhood is full of silly mix-ups, too! The star of the best-selling picture book series now has her own Level 1 I Can Read series. What happens when Amelia Bedelia decides to surprise her mother with chalk drawings all over the driveway and front walk? Chalk one up for Amelia Bedelia!


The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani 9780062104892 – $16.99 – Ages 8 to 12 – On Sale: 5/14/2013
THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL series unleashes a dazzling new fantasy world, one in which ordinary boys and girls are trained to be perfect heroes or perfect villains. Book One subverts the assumed roles of our indelible heroines, when witch-girl Agatha is “mistakenly” sent to the School for Good, and wannabe-princess Sophie to the School for Evil. As rivalries bloom and jealousy sets in, Agatha and Sophie discover that these fates may not be a mistake after all…

The School for Good and Evil #2: A World without Princes by Soman Chainani 9780062104922 – $16.99 – Ages 8 to 12 – On Sale: 4/15/2014
A WORLD WITHOUT PRINCES is an epic return to the spectacular world of THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL, where the only way out of a fairy tale is to live through one.

Big Nate: In the Zone by Lincoln Peirce 9780061996658 – $13.99 – Ages 8 to 12 – On Sale: 3/11/2014
Here comes Book 6 in the hilarious BIG NATE series! Meet Nate Wright: 6th grader, class clown, self-described genius, and the all-time record holder for school detentions! With over 500 black and white illustrations, comics, and doodles throughout, BIG NATE blazes an unforgettable trail through middle school.

The Cabinet of Curiosities by Stefan Bachmann
9780062331052 – $16.99 – Ages 8 to 12 – On Sale: 5/27/2014
An illustrated collection of thirty-six creepy and mischievous very short stories by acclaimed literary talents Stefan Bachmann, Claire LeGrand, Katherine Catmull, and Emma Trevayne.

The Gollywhopper Games: The New Champion by Jody Feldman 9780062211255 – $16.99 – Ages 8 to 12 – On Sale: 5/27/2014
The sequel to the popular and acclaimed THE GOLLYWHOPPER GAMES. The puzzles are trickier, the obstacle courses harder, and the competition fiercer. It’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets The Amazing Race!

The Nerdy Dozen #1 by Jeff Miller 9780062272621 – $16.99 – Ages 8 to 12 – On Sale: 6/10/2014
When Neil Andertol and a motley crew of middle-grade, video-gaming whizzes are recruited by the military to restore a botched aircraft mission, the kids are no longer playing their favorite game for points—they’re playing to save the world!

My Weird School Special: Back to School, Weird Kids Rule! by Dan Gutman 9780062206855 – $5.99 – Ages 6 to 10 – On Sale: 6/24/2014
With tons of bonus content and a Back to School-themed story centered on the kids of Ella Mentry School, the My Weird School Specials bring the beloved MY WEIRD SCHOOL brand to a whole new level of weird.

My Weirder School #11: Miss Klute Is a Hoot! by Dan Gutman 9780062198440 – $4.99 – Ages 6 to 10 – On Sale: 6/24/2014
Building on the international success of MY WEIRD SCHOOL, which has sold over six and a half million copies worldwide, this latest book in the new arc features Miss Klute, a therapy dog who needs therapy.

Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book #5: Amelia Bedelia Shapes Up by Herman Parish 9780062333971 – $16.99 – Ages 6 to 10 – On Sale: 8/26/2014
In the fifth book in the bestselling Amelia Bedelia chapter book series, Amelia Bedelia—in an effort to find a sport or game to call her own—takes to the field and the gym and the court and the rink, with hilarious results.

Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures #12: Escape to California by Jeff Brown 9780062189912 – $15.99 – Ages 6 to 10 – On Sale: 8/26/2014
This exciting new installment of FLAT STANLEY’S WORLD WIDE ADVENTURES is another addition to the 2014 50th Anniversary celebration! Stanley’s San Francisco adventure touches upon a central theme in the series—the importance of treating people equally, not just based on their appearance.

First Team by Tim Green9780062208750 – $16.99 – Ages 8 to 12 – On Sale: 9/30/2014
From bestselling author and former NFL defensive end Tim Green comes the companion novel to NEW KID, where Brock is new in town after being on the run. And this time, he joins the football team.

My Weirder School #12: Mrs. Lane is a Pain! by Dan Gutman 9780062198471 – $4.99 – Ages 6 to 10 – On Sale: 10/14/2014
Building on the international success of MY WEIRD SCHOOL, which has sold over 6.5 million copies worldwide, this final book in the third series arc features Mrs. Lane, a reality star wannabe who coaches A.J. and the gang for Ella Mentry’s Got Talent.

Be sure to find out about these tittles and other Harper Children's upcoming releases here.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Wishing all you Dads and Father like figures a wonderful Father's Day!
Including our own wonderful hubbies and Fathers!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Mighty Dads by Joan Holub, Book Review

By: Joan Holub
Illustrated by: James Dean
Published by: Scholastic Press
Released on: April 29, 2014
Ages: 3-5
Source: unbound book from publisher to review
4 Owlets: It's A Great Read
Purchase from: Amazon | B&N
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A new constructacular picture book from the New York Times bestselling creator of Pete the Cat, James Dean and bestselling author, Joan Holub.

Mighty dads, strong and tall,
help their children, young and small.

They keep them safe and bolted tight
and show them how to build things right.

Inventively told through James Dean's colorful construction vehicle characters, MIGHTY DADS is an adoring dedication to hardworking fathers and the subtle ways they teach their boys and girls to follow in their tracks. The Dump Trucks learn to get dirty. Crane keeps his little one safe from harm. The busy Cement Mixer gives his daughter a hug. The Forklift cheers his son on.

A surprising and touching view of a father's love for his children, MIGHTY DADS is the perfect way to say: I'm proud of you!

A great read for kids who love trucks, tractors, and learning what they do. Mighty Dads is a story about what the Daddy trucks and tractors do and how they teach their little truck and tractor kids. With no human characters in this story, little fans of trucks and tractors will enjoy the brightly primary colored characters, and the repetitiveness of the story. Mighty Dads is a is a fun read for young kids. It teaches a valuable message of a father's love, and how they teach their kids. This is one of those books that I wish I had when my son was young. He would have loved everything about this book. This is definitely one worth picking up. It's one fans of trucks and tractors will love reading, and looking at the simplistic pictures that easily capture a young readers attention.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Harper Collins Childrens 12 Books Perfect for Father's Day

Father's Day is a few days away and Harper Collins Childrens has shared their list of the 12 Books Perfect for Father's Day. Check it out below (read their list here).  

We've read a few of these, and have loved them, but there are a few others I'm thinking we'll have to pick up and read before Sunday. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

All-Time Best Book Series for 10-Year-Olds & Then Some

It's SUMMER TIME and that means Summer Reading! This morning Scholastic shared a great article via their Facebook page from listing their all time favorite books for 10 years olds. I've included their list below and then added a few other series I think are great for reading. Summer is the perfect time to get your reader hooked on a great series. 

Here are our all-time best book series for 10 year olds, roughly placed in order of reading level difficulty. 

Amulet series by Kazu Kibuishi
An ALA Best Book for Young Adults winner, this graphic novel series is action-packed, exciting, and suspenseful. Check out the Amulet series trailer here

The 39 Clues by Rick Riordan and various authors
These books are quick reads packed with adventure, mystery, and fun, as Dan and Amy do what they can to solve the mystery of the Cahill family. Kids especially love the media tie-in with the interactive website

Magic and mysticism, adventure, and excitement are strewn throughout these books, in which David Rain, Liz and Lucy Pennykettle, Zanna Martindale, and the evil sibyl Gwilanna seek to save dragons, nature, and humankind.  Kids must check out the super-cool microsite for the series

A favorite of many 10-year-olds, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books are graphic novels that tell the story of Greg, a regular guy with a "regular" life. Check out the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book trailer

BONE series by Jeff Smith
A 9-part series, the Bone cousins explore, protect, and defend life as they know it, fighting dragons, nasty weather, supernatural creatures, and more. You can find tons of Bone resources for fans on the BONE microsite.

The Babysitters Club of the mid '80s has received a new look and a whole new mini-series with the Friends Forever books.  There are dozens of books in this series, and kids love them. Scholastic even has a cool microsite for BSC.  

Percy Jackson fights mythological creatures alongside his demi-god friends in this series that will get your 10-year-olds chatting about all things Greek before you know it. 

Warriors series by Erin W. Hunter
Erin Hunter brings to life the underworld of cats in this series where readers watch as different clans of cats vie for power, control, and ultimately, life.  With over 40 books in this series, kids can really get into the action. 

Spirit Animals series by Brandon Mull and other authors
These books are flying off the shelves like hotcakes as they are released, because kids everywhere are devouring them. Four children -- Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan -- discover they have animal bonds—rare links that give them powers between human and beast.  Readers totally love the Spirit Animals site for games, information, and more. 

The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart, illustrated by Carson Ellis
They answered the ad, "ARE YOU A GIFTED CHILD looking for special opportunities?" Now follow Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance as they embark upon numerous challenges, tests, and adventures that test their smarts and strength.  Okay, so this is number eleven series, and I said I was only sharing the top ten. I can't help it! There are great series out there for 10-year-olds!

The Secret series by pseudonymous bosch
Everything about this 5-book series is top secret, from start to finish. All you need to know is that Cass and Max Ernest are two friendless 11-year-olds who solve a mystery about a dead magician and the clues he left behind. 

And of course, if your child hasn't started the infamous series by J.K. Rowling about the brave, young wizard Harry Potter, then the seven-part Harry Potter book series that must be conquered!  

I really like this list! It's a great mix of new, classic, and widely popular books that kids 8-10 love reading.

I often times get asked what books I'd recommend for readers 9-11 years old, and more often then not I have a hard time listing my favorites, because kids at this age are at various stages of reading levels. I would recommend many of the books listed above, but and I would also like to add a few others that I feel are fabulous series as well.

* Beyonders series by Brandon Mull
* The League of Princes series by Christopher Healy
* The Unwanted series by Lisa McMann
* Five Kingdoms by Brandon Mull
* Wildwood Chronicles by Colin Meloy & Carson Ellis
* The Keeper of the Lost Cities series by Shannon Messenger
* The Ascendance Trilogy by Jennifer A. Nielsen
* Ever After High series by Shannon Hale
* The School for Good & Evil series by Soman Chainani

I hope that in sharing this list, and adding to it with my own list, that it will help you in finding something that your child will be able to read and fall in love with reading this summer. Cheers to SUMMER READING!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

MOONDAY by Adam Rex, Book Review

By: Adam Rex
Published by: Disney Hyperion
Released on: September 3rd, 2013
Ages: Pre-K & Up
Source: book from publisher to review
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3 Owlets- It Was Good

What do you do when the moon lowers itself into your backyard? 
When mornings are replaced by perpetual night,  and people sigh-sleep in their eyes. 
What do you do when the tide comes in, and all the neighborhood dogs won't stop howling?

You take the moon for a ride. 

Adam Rex creates a fantastic tale that is both imaginative and beautiful; one that blurs the line between dreams and reality.

Fabulous illustrations, but the story is a little confusing. 

The illustrations alone make this story. Being that this is a children's picture book, that is a huge thing for me. I feel that illustrations need to capture the attention of the child who's reading the book. The illustrations alone tell the story, and I love the children can use the illustrations to come up with their own story. 

The story itself is good, but left my kids wanting to know more about the moon. When the story starts, the moon is hovering in the backyard of our main character. Pretty cool right!?! With the moon out of the place, the story goes on to tell the effects it has. It stays dark out, everyone is constantly sleepy, darks won't start barking, and the tides have risen. Everything is right again when the moon is put back into it's place. Now the story itself is cute, imaginative, and fun to read, but I wish there would have been some sort of focus about what the moon's purpose is, and what it does, so that when it suddenly appears in our character's backyard, and throws everything off balance, it would have made a little more sense. 

Over all, this is a good read with some really cool illustrations that definitely make this book one I'd recommend picking up.

I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves. ~ Anna Quindlen

Good children's literature appeals not only to
the child in the adult, but to the adult in the child.
~ Anonymous ~