Friday, January 24, 2014

I SEE KITTY by Yasmine Surovec / CITY CAT by Kate Banks, Book Review

I love a great children's books. What makes it great? The story, the adorable illustrations, and most importantly if my kids enjoy so much that they ask me to read the book to them over and over again. Below are two great books that my kids, especially my daughter, enjoyed so much, we've read these books countless times. Check out two books I think are not only great children's picture books, but they're ones young cat lovers will enjoy. 

Written & Illustrated by: Yasmine Surovec
Published by: Roaring Book Press (Macmillan Children's)
Released on: September 24th, 2013
Source: arc from publisher to review
Rating: 5 Owls- We LOVED It
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Love that Kitty! The most adorable picture book of the year invites the very youngest cat lovers to find Kitty in the world around them. Chloe loves kitties. She wants a cat so much that she sees Kitty everywhere she goes: at the bus stop, in her backyard, in the starry night sky, even in her dreams. From debut children's book illustrator Yasmine Surovec comes a story so adorable that if you don't already love cats you will by the time you're done reading it. In the tradition of iconic preschool books like Where's Spot?, I See Kitty uses bright, bold artwork to appeal to very young readers and charm them for generations to come.

We LOVED this book! You already can't go wrong with a cute cat story for kids, but with Yasmine Surovec's illustrations you've got a match made in cat heaven. This book is adorable! The story is just right for young children and beginning readers. The illustrations are FABULOUS! I absolutely love Yasmine's illustrations. The pictures along made the book for me. This is one book I'd definitely recommend picking up!


By: Kate Banks
Illustrated by: Lauren Castillo
Released on: November 19th, 2013
Source: arc from publisher to review
Rating: 4 Owls - We Really Enjoyed It
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A plucky stray cat takes a Grand Tour in Kate Banks' story of a family on a European vacation. As the family travels from one city to the next, the cat finds its own means--by bus, boat, train, truck, and bike--to tag along on the trip, visiting historic landmarks like Buckingham Palace and the Cathedral of Notre Dame along the way. Readers will pore over the spreads to find  where City Cat is hiding in each city, and detailed backmatter explains the history behind the sites in each locale.

Young readers can travel the world with City Cat! City Cat takes readers all over Europe, as City Cat stows away in the family luggage as they set off for a trip that takes them all over Europe. With stops in Italy, France, Spain, England, German and the Netherlands, young readers will enjoy learning fun facts about the various countries and cities as City Cat journeys around each city stop. With an adorable cat, fun & simple illustrations,  City Cat makes a great addition for any home, classroom or library. It's one that is also educational, as at the end of the book the author includes fun facts about each of the cities that City Cat visits. This is a book we enjoyed, and one I'd recommend picking up. It will appeal to young readers, fans of adventures, travel, and of course, adorable for readers who adore cute cats. 

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