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WARRIORS: The Ultimate Guide by Erin Hunter, Book Review

By: Erin Hunter
Illustrated by: Wayne McLoughlin
Published by: Harper Collins
Released on: November 5th, 2013
Ages: 9 & up
Source: book from publisher to review
Rating: A Must Have WARRIOR Series Fans
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Featuring never-before-seen information about the warrior cats,Warriors: The Ultimate Guide is a necessary addition to every Warriors collection and is perfect for both longtime fans and those just getting to know the world. This full-color book includes:

All of the content from Warriors: Cats of the Clans
Brand-new art and detailed descriptions for forty more cats An in-depth look at each of the five warrior Clans.

This is a must have for fans of the WARRIOR series. With detailed maps, character profiles, illustrations of each character and more, fans of Erin Hunter's will want to have this book in their hands. 

Erin Hunter's WARRIOR fans will love getting to know their favorite Warrior characters in much more personal way. With more than 70 profiles on some of her more popular and important warrior cats, fans will enjoy learning more about these characters. Even the earlier settlers are profiled in this ultimate guide, as do the animals who live outside of the clans. Along with the individual profiles, fans of the series will also get an inside look into the clans. I loved getting  to read more about the clans. It's fun to get a more detailed look into each clan. There's also a never been seen/read short story featured in the book fans will love about Bramblestars and Tigerstar! 

If you think the profiles are awesome, wait till you check out the maps. I absolutely loved the maps that are included in this book. The Ultimate Guide includes six maps of the settings featured through out the series. If you think maps are cool, wait till you see the illustrations from Wayne McLoughlin. Wow, he does an amazing job at show casing each of the characters profiled throughout the book. Some of my favorite illustrations is over Clear Sky. I love the little details like how each profile features a small work of art along with the character's full page picture.

I would not recommend this book to someone who has not read the series entirely yet, as this book will have spoilers in it. The guide gives a detailed account and history of the warriors and the clans featured in the book. While there are over 70 warrior cats profiled, not all of the cats are featured in the book. I get some fans will be upset that not all their favorite cats will be in the book, but I think over all fans will love the warriors that are featured. I've not personally read the entire series, but having friends of mine who have children that are HUGE fans of this series, who have, and from volunteering up at my kris's school where this series is a huge hit with the kids there, I know a lot about the series, and the characters. 

With more than 200 pages of information, pictures, extras, and more, fans of the WARRIOR series will definitely want to add this book to their collections. Each first edition Ultimate Guide also includes a poster! 

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