Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Surprise by Corrine Demas, Book Review

By: Corrine Demas
Illustrated by: R.W. Alley
Published by: Bloomsbury Kids
Released on: July 19th, 2011
Source: book from publisher to review
Ages: 3-6
5 Owlets: A Halloween Read Worth Owning
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Halloween is almost here and Lily wants to make her own costume for trick-or-treating. Should she be a scary ghost? Or maybe a roly-poly pumpkin? Perhaps a glittery princess! After many ideas and a few wrong turns, Lily finally settles on a costume that will be perfect for a Halloween surprise with her cuddly kittens.

The new book from the duo behind Valentine Surprise is sure to capture readers' hearts once again with its sweet celebration of creativity, as Lily enjoys the fun of homemade costumes and Halloween traditions. 
- quoted from Goodreads

This is a book I've reviewed here on Mundie Kids a couple years back. It's one of my all time favorite Halloween reads I've reviewed to date, and I can't help put feature it again on Mundie Kids. It's a delightful, non scary Halloween story that kids of all ages can enjoy. 

This is an adorably illustrated, cute Halloween story about a young girl who, with a little help from her two cats comes up with the perfect costume for Halloween. Will she be a princess, a pirate, a ghost, a pumpkin or a ballerina. With all the endless possibilities, Lily not only uses her imagination to come up with her costume ideas, but she creates them, until at last she finds the right one. You'll have to pick up this sweet Halloween story to find out what Lily dressed up as.

The Witch Next Door by Norman Bridwell, Book Review

By: Norman Bridwell
Published by: Scholastic
Re-Released on: 6.25.13 (originally released in 1969)
Source: book to review from publisher in exchange for my honest review
4 Owlets: I Really Enjoyed It!
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Back in print! Norman Bridwell's funny and charming story about appreciating differences.

Someone new has moved into the neighborhood--and she's a witch! Her two young neighbors delight in how she does everything a bit differently from them. She paints her house black, walks her pet dragon around the block, and uses magic to do her shopping and send soup over to people that are sick. However, some of the older townspeople people are not happy about their new neighbor. What kind of magical surprise does the witch have in store for them?

A great story with a fabulous message about accepting others. 

This is a book Norman Bridwell fans will enjoy. While Clifford The Big Red Dog is not featured in this book, readers will enjoy meeting the Witch, one to the book's main characters. In Bridwell fashion, there is a great message for young readers found within the pages of this book. The Witch Next Door is a delightful read that teaches it's readers the important of accepting people for who they are, and not judging others. If were nice to everyone, and accepting of others and their differences, we find that there is good to be had in our difference. Just because someone is different than you, does not make them mean. 

The Witch Next Door is the perfect book to pick up this Halloween season, and a great book to read all through out the year. 

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