Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Bed for Kitty by Yasmine Surovec, Book Review

By: Yasmine Surovec
Published by: Roaring Book Press (MacMillan)
Released on: September 23rd, 2014
Source: book from publisher to review in exchange for my honest review
Rating: 4 Stars
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Sweet dreams, Kitty! This adorable bedtime book from the creator of I See Kitty is perfect for tucking the very youngest cat lovers in at night.

Kitty sleeps everywhere: on the TV, in the sink, even in her litter box! But she never sleeps in her own bed. This follow up to Yasmine Surovec's I See Kitty shows that sometimes it takes a friend to find the perfect place to sleep. With bright, bold artwork, A Bed for Kitty will charm very young readers with its gentle humor and genuine warmth.

Reviewed by my daughter:

I really liked it. It's a cute book. Chloe gets her kitty a new bed, but her kitty sleeps every where but the bed. The kitty sleeps on Chloe's chair, her socks, her bookcase, on her dad's slippers, and her mom's sweater. It's funny, because Kitty won't sleep in her new bed until Chloe goes an lays on her bed, and then Kitty lays on it.

My thoughts:

A cute, easy to read book for young readers. Chloe gets her kitty a new bed, but Kitty will sleep every where but her bed. She sleeps on Chloe's socks, in her sink, on her chair, and just about anywhere else. Chloe wonders why this, because she got her Kitty a nice bed. It's not until Chloe lays on the bed does her Kitty come over and lay on her bed with her. 

I liked that this was a book my daughter and I could read together. The words are simply, and easy to read. The illustrations are just as a cute as Yasmine's previous book. I think fans of Surovec's will enjoy this one. 

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