Monday, December 15, 2014

Adventures with Barefoot Critters: An ABC Book by Teagan White, Book Review

By & Illustrated by: Teagan White
Published by: Tundra Books
Released on: June 24th, 2014
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Rating: 5 Owls - We LOVED It!
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Join an adorable cast of animal characters as they explore the alphabet through the seasons. From gathering honey in spring to building cozy campfires in fall, the friends make the most of each season, both enjoying the great outdoors and staying snug inside. Learning the alphabet is fun when adventuring with these critters, and children and adults alike will delight in Teagan White's sweet, nostalgic illustrations.

This book is simply adorable! I adore the illustrations in this book, as well as the way this story takes readers through the four season, while teaching readers their ABC's.

Teagan White is an author/illustrator whom is now on my radar. I love that she created a children's ABC picture book that teaches kids their abc's by letter identification. Each word that begins with the letter being taught is a different color, so that it stands out for easy identification. For example, for C, she includes the words: catch, colds, can't, and each of those three words stands out among the other words on that page, so that children can easily identify those words.

The illustrations that accompany each page are simply adorable! I love the charming woodland critters, and want to decorate my library with them. The inside flap of the hard cover book has a poster that can easily be framed and hung up. I'm hoping Teagan White has an Esty shop, because I would seriously purchase some of her artwork, it's that adorable.  I'm looking forward to reading more of her children's pictures book.

This is a must have book! It's one that will make a great gift.
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