Monday, February 2, 2015

Magisterium Day: Cover Reveal for THE COPPER GAUNTLET, Book 2 in the Magisterium Series by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

Happy Marvelous Middle Grade Monday!
Cassandra Clare & Holly Black have revealed the cover to the next book in the MAGISTERIUM series, THE COPPER GAUNTLET!

The book is due out September of 2015 from Scholastic, and is the second book in the Magisterium series. Here's what Cassandra Clare said about the cover:
And now, wrapping up Magisterium Day with our surprise: the cover of Copper Gauntlet!
We hope you like! From left: Havoc, Aaron, Call, Tamara and Jasper.

Image found here

To celebrate today's cover reveal, Holly Black & Cassandra Clare called today Magisterium Day. To get ready for today's big cover reveal of The Copper Gauntlet, they spent time online today answering fan questions about The Iron Trail, and shared fan art. About today, Cassandra Clare had this to say:

Holly and I have a surprise for you today. It’s our first day of retreat and we’re celebrating — so today is Magisterium Day and we’re just going to answer Magisterium-related questions and post Magisterium art throughout the day. Until we work up to the reveal of our surprise! (I bet you can guess what it is :P) So…

I'm going to link to each of the posts that were made to Cassandra Clare's tumblr post through out the day, so that no questions are missed. There are a lot of them, which is why I'm not posting them all here like I normally would.

1) The first question, about Tamara and Jasper's friendship (contains spoilers) was asked & answered here

2) Holly Black & Cassandra Clare answer the question about the "big twist" in The Iron Trial. Read what they talk about here. *spoilers*

3) Cassandra Clare answers questions about Drew here

4) Holly Black answers questions about romantic pairings in The Magisterium series

5) Holly Black confirms a fall release for The Copper Gauntlet & answers a variety of fan questions related to The Iron Trial, here

6) Cassandra Clare answers a question about Tamara's heritage


  1. Thank you for all the Magisterium updates, off to check out the spoilery clues for book 2.

  2. Sigh, love. <3 I ADORED book one :D And this cover is so stunning! I cannot wait for this book. <3


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