Saturday, December 5, 2015

Today is International NINJA DAY! #SamuraiSelfie

December 5th is international Ninja Day! A group of picture book authors have banded together to create an awesome Nonja themed activity packet that you can use to celebrate!

Also, one of the ninja authors, Rubin Pingk – author of Samurai Santa: A Very Ninja Christmas is running a contest for all ninja, samurai, Santa, or book lovers out there!

To enter the contest, you can either: 

     1) Take a photo with one of the attached printouts of either Samurai Santa or Ninja Yukio (see any of the images featured in this post)
   2) Take a photo with the book Samurai Santa: A Very Ninja Christmas
   3)  Take a photo dressed as a ninja or doing something ninja like (bonus points if it involves a snowman)

THEN tag your photo using #SamuraiSelfie and post it on either Ttwitter, Tumblr, Facebook, or Instagram!

If you do one of the above, you are then entered to win one of the following awesome prizes:    

    - A signed copy of Samurai Santa: A Very Ninja Christmas
    - A signed poster
    - A pack of indoor snowballs
    - A gift-card to a bookstore
    - A drawing of you or your family drawn as ninjas, signed by the illustrator

So #SamuraiSelfie away!


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