Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Basher History: States and Capitals: United We Stand!, Book Review

By: Simon Basher
Written by: Dan Green
Published by; Kingfisher
Released on: July 15ht, 2014
Source: Purchased Book
Rating: 5 Stars
Ages: 7 & up
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Basher History: States and Capitals is the follow-up title to the bestselling Basher History: U.S. Presidents. This unique and comprehensive guide to 50 states (plus DC and the six territories) presents each state in the hip Basher fashion. Who better than Basher to give each state a face, voice, and personality and to give kids a fun, unusual but really information-packed gazetteer of their country. From Alabama to Wyoming, and everywhere in between, each state boasts about why it is special, dishes fun facts not found elsewhere, and waxes poetics about its motto, state bird, flag, state flower, and more! Find out how Connecticut got to be called the Provision State, why Georgia is nuts about nuts and why Illinois is called the Land of Lincoln.

A fun facts books for young kids to get to know a little bit more about each state. 

This is a great book for young readers. It's filled with interesting, fun facts about what each state is known for, it's brief history, what makes it unique, when it became part of the US, it's motto, state bird, and so much more. There is a lot packed into this book. My kids have loved reading it. I learned some new things while reading it with my kids.

This is a great book to have at home or in the classroom. 

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