Monday, May 4, 2015

29 Books To Read With Your Kids This Spring from Buzzfeed

Happy Marvelous Middle Grade Monday. BuzzFeed put together a list of 29 Books To Read With Your Kids This Spring. Check out which picture books made the list here. Some of the books we're looking forward to reading from this are:

WildwoodThe Composer Is DeadStagecoach Sal: Carson Ellis has gorgeously illustrated many books, but this is the first one that she’s written as well (and it’s completely wonderful).
What kind of reader is it for? Anyone who wants to take a gander at the many types of dwellings humans (and animals) cozy up in.
An homage to Mary Nohl (an artist who used concrete and found objects to create one of the most unique gardens in the world—all in her front yard).
What kind of reader is it for? Anyone whose favorite part of the school day is art class.
Pepé Le Pew, Pepé Le Schmew: if you have to be stalked by a skunk, you want it to be the red-nosed one from this absurd (-ly glorious) story.
What kind of reader is it for? Kids who will be positively delighted to watch someone get more and more vexed by the skunk creeping around behind him like a shadow (so… most kids).
Poppy’s imagination just isn’t satisfied with being all bottled up in her head, and one day it actually comes to life.
What kind of reader is it for? Little girls (and boys) who—like Poppy—have imagination to spare.
In this refreshing retelling of Cinderella, our title character spends her days dreaming of repairing rockets instead of going to a ball. 
What kind of reader is it for? To put it in not-so-kid-friendly language: someone who would enjoy a more badass version of a traditional fairy tale.

Add this beautifully illustrated nonfiction picture book to your collection to learn all about one of earth’s biggest mammals.
What kind of reader is it for? The boy or girl who has ceaselessly been begging you to go on a whale watching trip.
Release Date: June 9th
What books are you looking forward to reading?
*All book descriptions and other info taken from BuzzFeed's article. 
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