Wednesday, July 15, 2015


By: Cornelius Van Wright
Published by: Nancy Paulsen Books / Penguin Random House
To Be Released on: 7/28/15
Ages: 5-9

It’s the adventure of a lifetime when best friends—and self-proclaimed superheroes—defeat bad guys of their own invention.

It’s wonk ’em time when Bucky and Stu have to stand up to Phat Tyre, TrashMan and Hose-Nose. No matter that the bad guys are all made out of household items that Bucky and Stu have assembled themselves—these bad guys don’t stand a chance against the boys’ power moves. Still, it’s quite a surprise when their latest villain, the giant Mikanikal Man, gets zapped during a lightning storm and comes to life! The battle—and thrill—of a lifetime ensue. 

Full of surprises and laughs, this upbeat, action-packed story celebrates imagination, creativity, and friendship in even the most unexpected forms. Cornelius Van Wright’s hilarious illustrations are full of surprises and are perfect for portraying the high-speed antics of two enthusiastic boys.

Two best friends, back yard fun, and a lot of great imaginative play, make for a fun read. Wright does a fabulous job at capturing the imaginative world of play through the eyes of two young boys, Bucky and Stu. Every day is an adventure as these two battle various household, and yard items. After all, someone has to protect earth from these bad guys right? 

Bucky and Stu are in a for a huge surprise when they awake the next morning after a thunder storm, and find that one of their creations, The Mikanikal Man was hit by lightening, and is now alive! Now these two superheroes have to spring into action. What ensues is a fun, action packed story that young readers will enjoy. Be warned, a superhero cape is must when reading this book!

Rating: 3 Owlets - It Was A Good Read 
* I received this book to review from the publisher (in exchange for my honest review). You can add it to Goodreads, pre-order it from AmazonThe Book Depository or any of your favorite book retailers. 

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