Sunday, August 30, 2015

Holly Black Shares A New Excerpt From The Copper Gauntlet

This weekend on Tumblr, Holly Black & Cassandra Clare are counting down to their release day of The Copper Gauntlet by sharing another excerpt from the book! Check out this excerpt below:

My excerpt for today:
Call drove, with Tamara acting as copilot while Jasper and Aaron pillowed their heads on Havoc’s furry back and napped. Jasper must have been pretty exhausted to deign to sleep on a Chaos-ridden animal. Hours passed like this.
“You know you can get arrested for going under the speed limit, too,” said Tamara, her warm ginger ale in the cupholder beside her. She was unbraiding her hair, brushing it out as it blew around with the breeze of her open window. Tamara almost always kept her hair in braids, and Call was surprised by how long it was unbraided, black and shiny and hanging to her waist.
Call pressed his foot harder on the gas and the Morris lurched forward. As the speedometer needle started to edge up, the car began to shudder.

The Copper Gauntlet by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare will be out on Tuesday! 


Holly Black shared a new excerpt this morning after my post was up, for count down day #3! 
“Let’s kill him,” Call said. 
Havoc growled.
“Master Rufus?” Aaron looked alarmed.
“No, of course not Master Rufus! I meant Jasper,” Call said. “Bury his body under a pile of rock. Who’d know?” 
“Call, stop being ridiculous,” said Tamara.
“Havoc could kill him,” Call suggested. Havoc turned at the sound of his name, looking interested by the prospect. Although the Chaos-ridden wolf had grown over the summer, Call wasn’t sure he could actually kill anyone, but he could sure take Jasper outside and chase him around the Magisterium a few times.
“And I’m supposed to be the psychopath?” Jasper grumbled.
Call wasn’t sure what it meant that he’d gone full Evil Overlord on Jasper but still couldn’t manage to impress him.
Aaron raised his hand. For a moment Call thought that Aaron was going to settle them down, say that Call should quit threatening Jasper and they should all just go back to their rooms. Instead, black fire sparked between Aaron’s fingers, a web of darkness. “Don’t make me hurt you,” he said, looking right at Jasper, chaos burning in the palm of his hand. “Because I really could.”

Check out her post here to read more!

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