Monday, November 9, 2015

MIRACLE MAKER: A Christmas Tale / Movie Review

It's that time of year where I not only love reading books that have a feel good message to them, I love watching feel good movies. While I've yet to watch a Hallmark Christmas movie, I did watch a movie, which I'm so thrilled to review, that was just what I needed. MIRACLE MAKER: A CHRISTMAS TALE is a fantastic holiday movie that has love, hope, forgiveness and kindness at it's heart.

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By: Covenant Communications 
Rune Time: 90 mins
Rating: PG

"The Miracle Maker is coming!" If any town is in need of a miracle, it’s Woodhaven, a tiny town hanging on the edge of the American frontier. It’s nearly Christmas, but it’s hardly a season of celebration. Work is scarce, money is tight, love is lagging, and spirits are down. Maybe the Miracle Maker can turn things around. The town anxiously waits for someone magnificent who can change their lives. But the ragged traveller who appears isn’t what anyone expects—except for one small silent boy and a precocious little girl. It seems this man can barely take care of himself, let alone fulfill the dreams of others. But miracles can come in all shapes and sizes—and sometimes from unexpected places. Your entire family will love this Christmas tale of hope, love, and miracles.



If you're looking for a wholesome, family friendly movie with a wonderful message, this is a movie I'd highly recommend watching Miracle Maker: A Christmas Tale. It's a feel good, clean cut movie with true Christian values at it's core, and it's just the kind of movie I needed to watch. It's one that has a message of hope, kindness, forgiveness, serving others, and doing good despite your circumstances. Rich or poor, everyone can do something good for someone else. 

The story centers on a small town who's townspeople are struggling to stay afloat. Everything in the town is owned by Mr. Booth, whom you could say has many similarities to that of Mr. Scourge. Despite what the townspeople are struggling with, they do what they can to help each other, and get by themselves. In order to pay their rent, they're forced to work long hours, which is a grueling and daunting task. A transformation starts to take place in the town after hearing a sermon on miracles. The children have faith that miracles happen and something will. 

I loved the role the young children played in this movie. Their innocence and faith were an example even to the adults in the town. It's one of the young boys who writes a letter to the miracle worker. Not long after it's sent a stranger comes to town, whom many believe to be the Miracle Maker. Though the new stranger disagrees. Things change when he's around though. His positive outlook, and being willing to go the extra mile to help someone in need start to rub off on others. Through his example, the townspeople start doing little things that soon turn into big things. Nothing huge or fancy, but they did things that were within their means, and ability to do. I loved that message of looking for ways to service, and spread cheer by doing something good. 

Another thing I loved about this movie, is the love story between two of the townspeople that gives the story it's element of a clean Christian romance, love, forgiveness, and redemption. Character wise, not only did I love the Miracle Maker, but I loved two of the children. The mute boy who wrote the letter (there's a back story to his not talking), and the shopkeepers daughter. All the characters in the movie were great. It was incredibly easy for me to love these characters. The actors were all perfect fits for their roles! I loved the cast as much as I loved the characters they each portrayed.

If you're a fan of watching holiday movies on the Hallmark Channel, then you'll love watching MIRACLE MAKER: A Christmas Tale. This movie contains everything you'd except from a Hallmark holiday movie, complete with love, healing, peace, and the true meaning of the Christmas spirit. This a movie I loved watching, and it's one I look forward to watching again, and again. 

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