Wednesday, January 6, 2016

YODIFY Your Grammar: Talk Like A Jedi Master

Learn to talk like a Jedi Master! Alright Star Wars, you've seen the movies, and hopefully have read the books, but have you mastered the language of Yoda? The folks over at Grammarly have put together a user friendly grammar and style guide for Star Wars fans, to talk like Yoda. Check it out below:

Yodify your Grammar Infographic

Where was this when I was younger? I would have loved it. It would be a little weird if I was teaching in a class and started talking like this, although, it would be a cool feature for teachers to have in their classrooms. Hmmm I may have to start using this on my kids at home. haha

Be sure to share your new found Yoda grammar skills with your Star Wars friends. This is also a great guide to help those who may not understand the verbage of Yoda, easier to understand. Although if you don't already understand Yoda, you may have to join the Ewoks. 

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