Friday, April 8, 2016

THE ALMOST TERRIBLE PLAYDATE by Richard Torrey / Book Trailer Reveal

Hello and welcome to today's book trailer reveal for Richard Torrey's THE ALMOST TERRIBLE PLAYDATE! Being moms, we can totally relate to the theme of this book! In fact, we may have witnessed a playdate or two similar to this one... This book sounds like a must read. After seeing this book trailer, I'm definitely going to be picking up this book soon! 

Check out this adorable book trailer!

Per Random House Children's Books: Ideal for any parent or caregiver who's ever said the words "Why can't you both JUST GET ALONG??!", here is the story of two young children with VERY different ideas of what they want to play. In a humorous mock-epic battle staged with crayon illustrations of each child's increasingly elaborate ideas of what they want to play, Richard Torrey taps into the volatile emotions of childhood that every parent and child will recognize with a smile.


By: Richard Torrey
Published By: Random House Children's Book
Released on: February 16th, 2016
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Here is the story of two young children with VERY different ideas of what they want to play. What starts with an innocent question (“What do you want to play?”) soon veers hilariously toward chaos, as two children engage in the age-old struggle of princesses, ponies, and ballet vs. dinosaurs, dragons, and race cars. Which child will win? Or will both find a way to play nicely together?

I'm looking forward to reading this book soon!

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