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FURTHERMORE by Tahereh Mafi / “Tahereh’s Favorite Things” giveaway #Furthermore #TaherehMafi

Happy Marvelous Middle Grade Monday! Today I'm thrilled to host a giveaway for one of my favorite authors, Tahereh Mafi! Her debut middle grade book, FURTHERMORE will be out next week, and to celebrate, I've got a prize pack featuring some of her favorite things! Before I tell you how to enter to win, here's a little bit about her book:


By: Tahereh Mafi
Published by: Penguin / Random House
To Be Released on: August 30, 2016
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The bestselling author of the Shatter Me series takes readers beyond the limits of their imagination in this captivating new middle grade adventure where color is currency, adventure is inevitable, and friendship is found in the most unexpected places. 
There are only three things that matter to twelve-year-old Alice Alexis Queensmeadow: Mother, who wouldn't miss her; magic and color, which seem to elude her; and Father, who always loved her. The day Father disappears from Ferenwood he takes nothing but a ruler with him. But it's been almost three years since then, and Alice is determined to find him. She loves her father even more than she loves adventure, and she's about to embark on one to find the other.

But bringing Father home is no small matter. In order to find him she'll have to travel through the mythical, dangerous land of Furthermore, where down can be up, paper is alive, and left can be both right and very, very wrong. Her only companion is a boy named Oliver whose own magical ability is based in lies and deceit--and with a liar by her side in a land where nothing is as it seems, it will take all of Alice's wits (and every limb she's got) to find Father and return home to Ferenwood in one piece. On her quest to find Father, Alice must first find herself--and hold fast to the magic of love in the face of loss.

Today's post topic is; UNIQUELY YOU. Alice feels out of place in her world, but is eager to prove her worth and talent. Today I'm sharing one thing that makes me feel fabulously unique, and that is sharing my love of reading. 

When I was in elementary, I was in a reading class, because I struggled with reading. I was in that class for a lot of my elementary school years. I hated it. I was made fun of a lot for it, but that never stopped my love of reading/looking through books. I substitute teach, and love to talk books with the kids I teach. I love talking to them about reading. They're often times surprised when I share with them that when I was their age, I struggled with reading. I tell them, that while that may be their struggle now, it's not something that defines who they are, and to keep trying, and not give up. Read every day. It motivates them when they see me as a teacher and learn that one of the things I do is review books. 

Running my sites has given me the chance to not only get books in a lot of children's hands, it's also allowed me to talk to kids about various books, the importance of reading. I love that I'm able to do that. Spreading the importance of reading / my love of reading, and letting kids know that their reading struggle is something they can over come, is one of the things that makes me feel uniquely fabulous.

We'd like to know, what is one of your own hidden talents; or what part of you makes you feel most uniquely fabulous.


Tahereh Mafi is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Shatter Me series. She can usually be found over-caffeinated and stuck in a book. You can find her online just about anywhere at @TaherehMafi or on her website,

Read an excerpt of the first few chapters here!
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Tahereh’s Favorite Things!
Four different prize packs including various items picked out special by Tahereh will be offered in giveaways across the Blogosphere. Collect them all!

Tahereh’s Favorite Things: Prize Pack #3
One (1) winner from your site receives:
·         a copy of Furthermore
·         Tarte™ Matte Lip Tint
·         Gimme Brow Volumizing Gel

Giveaway open to US addresses only.
Prizing and samples provided by Penguin Random House.

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