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THE INQUISITOR'S TALE by Adam Gidwitz / Blog Tour: Book Review

Hello and welcome to the first stop in THE INQUISITOR'S TALE blog tour, hosted by Penguin Kids. I'm so thrilled be to be apart of this tour. This book is so good! If you're looking for a great MG book to pick up, pick up this one!


By: Adam Gidwitz
Illustrated by: Hatem Aly
Published by: Dutton
To Be Released on: September 27th, 2016
Ages: 10 & up
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Rating: 5 Stars - I Loved It
Source: signed arc received from publisher at BEA

1242. On a dark night, travelers from across France cross paths at an inn and begin to tell stories of three children. Their adventures take them on a chase through France: they are taken captive by knights, sit alongside a king, and save the land from a farting dragon. On the run to escape prejudice and persecution and save precious and holy texts from being burned, their quest drives them forward to a final showdown at Mont Saint-Michel, where all will come to question if these children can perform the miracles of saints.
Join William, an oblate on a mission from his monastery; Jacob, a Jewish boy who has fled his burning village; and Jeanne, a peasant girl who hides her prophetic visions. They are accompanied by Jeanne’s loyal greyhound, Gwenforte . . . recently brought back from the dead. In a style reminiscent of The Canterbury Tales, our narrator collects their stories and the saga of these three unlikely allies begins to come together. 

Beloved bestselling author Adam Gidwitz makes his long awaited return with his first new world since his hilarious and critically acclaimed Grimm series. Featuring manuscript illuminations throughout by illustrator Hatem Aly and filled with Adam’s trademark style and humor, The Inquisitor’s Tale is bold storytelling that’s richly researched and adventure-packed.

A must read! Adam Gidwitz is a masterful storyteller. He effortlessly combines medieval history with a daring adventure, humor and unforgettable characters. This is one of those books that not only appeals to it's targeted middle grade audience, it's a great read for older readers as well. 

This book took my on a journey, and I loved it! I went on a journey with some incredible characters. I felt their sorrows, their hope, loved watching their friendships blossom, and saw them over come so many trials. Things aren't easy for these three. They dwelt with a lot, and grew tremendously in the process. I loved every moment I spent with them. 

I love the way Gidwitz wrote this story. He has woven together history, and philosophy in a very appealing way. This book has it all, and I seriously loved it! It's apparent Gidwitz definitely did a lot of research with this book. 
Being a huge history fan, I love the detailed historical notes and bibliography that Adam has included at the end of the book. 

The voice in this book is awesome, or should I say voices. The multiple points of view narrative is fantastically written! I've not read another book told from so many points of views, and done so, so perfectly. Each point of view adds so much to this story. I love the characters in this book. They're well rounded, three dimensional characters. The narration of the story was definitely one of my favorite things about this book. 

flew through this book, it was so good! It's definitely one of those addicting reads. Once you pick it up, there's no putting it down. The way the tales are all intwined is fantastic. I'm going to be shocked if this book doesn't receive some sort of medal. It definitely deserves one. I for one, loved it! Definitely worth picking up!

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