Wednesday, October 12, 2016

BELLA'S FALL COAT by Lynn Plourde / Book Review

By: Lynn Plourde
Illustrated by: Susan Gal
Published by: Disney Hyperion
Released on: September 6th, 2016
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Ages: All 
Rating: 5 Owlets - We Loved It! 
Source: Book received from the publisher in exchange for my honest review

Bella loves the sights and sounds of fall--the crinkle-crackle of fallen leaves, the crunch of crisp, red apples, the honking and flapping of migrating geese. She wants the season to last forever. She also wants her fall coat--the one her Grams made especially for her--to last forever. But the coat is worn-out and too small. . . . With a snip and a whir, Grams makes sure Bella will be warm when the first snowflakes fall. And Bella finds a perfect use for her old favorite coat--on the first snowman of the season. Adorned with beautiful fall oranges, reds, and yellows, and sprinkled with fun sound words, this read-aloud will help families celebrate both fall and winter. 

A heart felt story that will warm you up on a cool Fall day. Richly illustrated with Fall colors, this book captures the many things I love about Fall, and loved about it when I was a kid. From the changing colors of the leaves, to the cool outside air, to the fun of running, and jumping into a pile of leaves. This book is an ode to past childhoods, as well as the special bond a grandchild can have with their Grandmother.

Bella loves to be on the go. She loves being outside, and she loves to explore. There's one thing she loves more than all these things, and that's the special coat her Grandmother made her when she was really little. She's growing, and the coat doesn't fit as snuggly anymore. She doesn't mind. She loves her coat anywhere, because her Grandma made it. She refuses to part with it. As Fall continues, and the days grow closer to Winter, Bella's coat starts to unravel. 

With the winter season approaching, Bella's Grandma surprises her with a brand new coat. Made with the same love, and care of her previous coat, Bella loves it. She has a wonderful idea of what to do with her old coat. This picture book beautifully captures the joys of childhood, and the changes that come with it, mirrored the the change in seasons. A wonderful story with equally wonderful illustrations, this is a book I'd recommend picking up. 

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