Tuesday, November 8, 2016

ELIZABETH STARTED ALL THE TROUBLE! By Doreen Rappaport #picturebookmonth

By: Doreen Rappaport

Illustrated by: Matt Faulkner
Published by: Disney Hyperion
Released on: February 23rd, 2016
Ages: 6 & up
Rating: 5 Owlets - We Loved It!
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She couldn't go to college.

She couldn't become a politician.

She couldn't even vote.

But Elizabeth Cady Stanton didn't let that stop her.

She called on women across the nation to stand together and demand to be treated as equal to men-and that included the right to vote. It took nearly seventy-five years and generations of women fighting for their rights through words, through action, and through pure determination . . . for things to slowly begin to change.

With the help of these trailblazers' own words, Doreen Rappaport's engaging text, brought to life by Matt Faulkner's vibrant illustrations, shows readers just how far this revolution has come, and inspires them to keep it going!

A beautiful tribute for the fight of equality! This book is a beautiful tribute to the women who helped paved the way for women's rights, including the right to vote. 

This book introduces children to some incredible women who sought for, and fought for women's rights. This fight spans over 200+ years, and includes numerous, heroic women, who risked so much, so they, and all women, could have the same/equal rights as men. 

What started as a prediction from Abigail Adams to her husband, came true 72 years later with Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who fought for the change in the Declaration of Independence, that it would include, ".... All men and women are created equal." That was just the beginning. There are so many valiant, strong, and fearless, historical women who are featured in this book.

This is one incredible picture book! I absolutely love that I was able to introduce my children to some absolutely amazing women. There are some women who sadly, I didn't even realize where part of the fight for equality. 

This book is one awesome history lesson. It brings history to life for kids in a non-bias way. I'm so glad this book is apart of our personal library. Included at the end of this book is a list of trailblazers, what they did, as well as important dates, and why they are important. From the content to the illustrations, this book is one fantastic binding of history. 

Every school library should have this book.

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