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Oliver's Tree / Lulu's Party by Kit Chase / Book Review #picturebookmonth

Written and Illustrated by: Kit Chase
Published by: Penguin 
Released on: May 20th, 2014
Series: Playtime with Friends
Ages: 3 & up 
Rating: 5 Owlets - We Loved It
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Meet three adorable best friends from debut author/illustrator talent with a huge Etsy following

Oliver, Charlie, and Lulu love to play outside together. Their favorite game is hide-and-seek, but it’s not fun for Oliver when his friends hide in the trees—he can’t reach them! So the friends set off to find a tree that Oliver can play in.

But there’s a reason we don’t see elephants in trees, and just when Oliver is ready to give up the search, Charlie and Lulu surprise him with the perfect tree for them all to play in together!

Simply adorable! This is picture book happiness. 

Oliver's Tree follows three animal friends, Oliver, Charlier and Lulu, who love to play outside together. Their favorite game is hide and seek. When they realize that Oliver isn't able to hide in the trees like they can, they make him feel special with a wonderful surprise of his very own.

A heartwarming story with adorable illustrations that will bring a smile to your face, Kit Chase's debut is a book worth picking up! The message about friendship is one that even the youngest of readers will enjoy. The sketch like illustrations, and soft color tones have made Chase one of my favorite children's book illustrators. 

Written and Illustrated by: Kit Chase
Published by: Penguin 
Released on: August 11, 2015
Series: Playtime with Friends
Ages: 3 & up 
Rating: 5 Owlets - We Loved It
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The weather is stormy and Lulu is disappointed that she can’t play outside, so she makes a special Rainy Day Treat and plans the perfect party for her friends Oliver and Charlie. But when it’s time to taste the creamy hot chocolate, they quickly realize something went very wrong. Lulu is devastated that her party is ruined, but with some quick-thinking, Charlie and Oliver figure out a delicious solution to save the day!

Kit Chase offers a sweet ode to friendship in this tale of three best friends who are always ready to use their imaginations and help each other out.

A charming follow up to Chase's debut, this new story will have fans falling in love with these adorable friends all over again.  

Oliver, Charlie and Lulu are back for a brand new woodland adventure. When Lulu's party plans for her friends doesn't go as planned, Oliver and Charlie know just want to do, to make her feel better. These three friends are always willing to go the extra mile to help each other out. We love seeing how these friends work together to make the other friend feel better. 

With her signature illustrations, and heartwarming story, Chase's newest story is just as cute as the first one. This is another cute picture book worthy of picking up! If you can't get enough of her illustrations, I highly recommend checking out her website, where you can order her prints. They are simply adorable! What's not to love about an elephant, a bird and a bunny. 

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