Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Disney's MOANA and SING / Movie Reviews

Two must see movies during this Winter Break. Disney's MOANA and Illumination's SING. We absolutely loved both movies, and for similar reasons. Not only are these fantastic family friendly movies, each movie has powerful message. There's humor, strong/wonderful characters, and messages that will resonate with movie goers of all ages. Not to mention the awesome animation, the songs, and the cast in both movies is fantastic. Definitely add these movies to your lists of family activists. *more detailed reviews coming soon* Both of these movies get 5 stars from us!

Editing- We also saw Trolls this holiday season. That movie got 3/5 stars from us. My daughter liked it better than I did, but she didn't love it like she did Moana and Sing. More coming on that movie was well. 
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