Thursday, October 19, 2017

We Love Instagram Book Features + Check Us Out on IG!

I love talking about books, as much as I love featuring them on social media. Did you know Mundie Kids also has an Instagram account? There you'll also find a variety of book features, that aren't always featured here on the blog. Each of the pictures shared in this post are all from our MKs Instagram account. 

In some cases, you'll see books linked back to reviews here on the blog, and other times, like today, you'll see a picture of a variety of books (picked above) we highly recommend picking up this Fall. I'm working on making the time to write reviews for these books still. They're perfect reads for Halloween. 

Be sure to follow us on Instragam! If you're on there too, please let us know. We'd love to check out your account too.

Don't miss out! If you're ever interested in the monthly OwlCrateJr book box subscription, I've been sharing our pictures for that as well, but only on Instagram. This month's box arrived yesterday, so I've not yet shared all it's contents. We don't want to spoil anyone yet. I'll be sharing pictures of our unboxing next week. My daughter LOVES these boxes.

*All images are property of Mundie Kids and may not be used without permission.

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  1. Eee, I ADORE your instagram :D And love all your photos oh so much. <3 Hugs. And ahh, COCO! I cannot wait for that movie :D And wish I had the books too. One day, I hope :)


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