Friday, August 25, 2017

FALL IS FOR SCHOOL by Robert Neubecker / Book Review

Written & Illustrated by: Robert Newbecker
Published by: Disney Hyperion
Released on: June 20th, 2017
Ages: 4 & up
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Rating: 3 owlets - It's A Good Read
An unbound book was provided by the publisher in exchange for my honest review

Fall is time for turning leaves,
The weather's growing cool.
Fall is here! Come on with me!
It's time to go to school.

In this exuberant sequel to Winter is for Snow, the two seasonally-opposed siblings face the end of summer with both joy and dread. But as Sister shares her enthusiasm for fall, school, and everything they encompass, Brother's own excitement grows in this celebratory picturebook. Robert Neubecker's expressive illustrations and buoyant rhymes will encourage even the most reluctant school-goers to embrace the start of a new season!

"Fall is time for school! We'll learn, and we'll be cleaver. A great big world will open up and change our lives forever."

Fall Is For School is a fun reminder about the excitement of the beginning of the school year, and all the fun the fall season brings with it. When a young sister's brother isn't as excited about the approaching school year as she is, she tries to ease his reluctance by telling him about all the things she's looking forward to. From colder weather to the the things they learn in school, to playing on the play ground, celebrating Halloween, music, art, sports and so much more. Through her sharing the things she loves about school, her brother's reluctance starts to disappear. 

I liked how the sister went about trying to ease her older brother's fears in going back to school. I get why he was sad about summer vacation ending, and loved the enthusiasm the young girl had with the beginning of the school year, and the excitement of the approaching fall season. As she tries to ease his fears by getting him excited about school and fall, including celebrating Halloween, he slowly starts to realize there are a lot of things to enjoy, and be excited about.  I liked how the author showed the different interests and learning abilities the brother and sister have.

This is a cute story, and perfect for those who are a little reluctant to go back to school. With some rhyming scattered through the book, and diversity illustrated through out the story, a lot of young readers will be able to identify with this book. Definitely worth reading for those with back to school jitters. 

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