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ELMORE by Holly Hobbie / Blog Tour: Book Review #Elmore

By: Holly Hobbie
Published byRandom House Books for Young Readers
To Be Released on: January 30th, 2018
Ages: 3 & up
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Rating: 5 Owlets 
Thank you to PRH for providing an arc of this book in exchange for my honest review

The creator of the Toot & Puddle series brings us Elmore–the warmhearted porcupine sure to steal the hearts of a new generation of Holly Hobbie fans!

Elmore is a porcupine desperate to make friends. But it is hard to seek closeness with others when you’re covered with spikes that shoot off your back every so often. Elmore suffers rejection and heartbreak, but the goodness of his forest community ultimately shines through as the animals find a way to connect with this prickly bundle of love.

Holly Hobbie is the creator of the beloved Toot & Puddle series and now brings us a character for the next generation. Just as charming, funny, and good-hearted as her little pigs, Elmore the porcupine will snuggle and prickle his way securely into the picture-book canon. 

This delightful story is a beautiful reminder of embracing the things that make you different. With her trademark charming illustrations, Holly Hobbie has created a new character for picture book readers to fall in love with. 

Elmore is a lonely porcupine who just wants to make friends. His quills put him at a disadvantage. Feeling down, and sad, he's reminded that his quills are what makes him a beautiful porcine. Feeling inspired, Elmore comes up with a creative way of making friends. In return, the woodland animals find a friend in him. 

With cute illustrations and an equally cute story, Elmore is a character readers of all ages with adore and fall in love with. Elmore's story is the perfect book to introduce Holly Hobby's newest generation of readers to. Having been a fan of her work when my oldest was younger, I am thrilled she has a new book out. 

WHAT DO YOU DO WITH A CHANCE By Kobi Yamada / Book Review #WhatDoYouDoWithAChance

By: Kobi Yamada
Illustrated by: Mae Besom
Published by: Compendium Inc
Released on: December 26th, 2017
SeriesWhat Do You Do With A?
Ages: 4 & up
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Rating: 5 Owlets

The award–winning creators of The New York Times best sellers What Do You Do With an Idea? and What Do You Do With a Problem? return with a captivating story about a child who isn't sure what to make of a chance encounter and then discovers that when you have courage, take chances, and say yes to new experiences, amazing things can happen.

In this story, a child is visited by his first chance and unsure what to do with it, he lets it go. Later on, when a new chance arrives he reaches for it, but this time he misses and falls. Embarrassed and afraid, he begins ignoring each new chance that comes by, even though he still wants to take them. Then one day he realizes that he doesn't need to be brave all the time, just at the right time, to find out what amazing things can happen when he takes a chance…

The final addition to the award-winning What Do You Do With…? picture book series created by New York Times best selling author Kobi Yamada and illustrator by Mae Besom, What Do You Do With a Chance? inspires kids of all ages and parents alike to find the courage to go for the opportunities that come their way. Because you never know when a chance, once taken, might be the one to change everything.

Another fantastic book is a series I highly recommend picking up. Yamada has a way of writing a book that encourages kids to to not be afraid; of embracing their ideas, of facing their problems, and now, with overcoming their fears of taking a chance. His insightful writing, and engaging story is one that readers of all ages can take to heart. Mixed with Besom's beautiful illustrations, this book is one that we absolutely loved reading. 

WHAT DO YOU DO WITH A CHANCE helps young readers realize that sometimes taking a chance is scary, but you can't let that fear become bigger than the excitement of having your chance. And if you happen to miss your chance or fail, it's okay. Get back up and try. Be ready for your next chance, and take it. 

One of the things I love about this series, is that with the idea, the problem, and now the chance, Yamada and Besom give these things a universal face without making them scary. They give each of the things something that inspires it's readers and helps them realize, both in the story and illustrations, that it's okay to having feelings of doubt, fear, insecurity, but don't let those feelings be bigger than the excitement and courage of embracing your idea, facing your fear, and taking your chance.

I highly recommend picking up this book, as well as the entire series. You can read my reviews for the first two books here.

Favorite quotes from this book: 

- "I now see that when I hold back, I miss out. And I don't want to miss out. There's just so much I want to see and do and discover." 

- " So, what do you with a chance? You take it .... because it just might be the start of something incredible."

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