Tuesday, April 10, 2018

POPPED STAR by Rhode Montijo & Luke Reynolds / Book Review #GumGirl #TheGumazingGumGirl

By: Rhode Montijo w/ Luke Reynolds
Illustrated by: Rhodes Montijo 
Published by: Disney Hyperion
Released on: April 3rd, 2018
Ages: 6 & up
Series: The Gumazing Gum Girl #3
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Gabby Gomez knows she needs to come clean with her family about her secret identity. But just as she works up the courage, trouble pops up again as Ninja-Rina twirls onto the scene! Has Gum Girl finally met her match? Is Ninja-Rina tutu much to handle? Buckle up for more flavored-packed action as Gum Girl takes on someone a little more her size. It’s another exciting adventure with the ever-elastic, super-stretchy superhero, Gum Girl!

This book is a fun, entertaining read! Gabby Gomez is a character who makes girl power fun and her lessons learned in this book, relatable. I'll admit, it would be fun to have the gum chewing super powers Gabby has. Aside from her awesome abilities, Gabby learns some real life lessons in this book, like learning to work together, and work with someone you may not like, or like what they're doing. She also learns the importance of honesty, as well the importance of being true to yourself. 

Gum Girl is a fun, fast read. With easy to read words, an engaging storyline, and illustrations that make this story even more exciting, this is a book I'd recommend for all readers under the age of ten. Plus what's not fun about a book that smells like gum? Also included in this book is a poster under the dust jacket. My favorite part of this book is what Gum Girl writes in her Hero essay at the end of the book; "Anybody can be a hero". 


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