Friday, June 22, 2018

WEE SISTER STRANGE by Holly Grant / Book Review #WeeSisterStrange

By: Holly Grant
Illustrated by: K.G. Campbell
Published by: Schwartz & Wade
Released on: 9.19.17
Ages: 4 & up
Purchase from: Penguin Random House + other retailers 
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Rating: 4 owlets
A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for my honest review

With a lyrical text and gorgeous, ethereal illustrations, here is a mesmerizing and magical original bedtime fairy tale reminiscent of Emily Winfield Martin's Dream Animals, and perfect for reading aloud.
They say there's a girl
Who lives by the woods
In a crooked old house
With no garden but gloom.

She doesn't have parents.
No one knows her name.

But the people in town
Call her Wee Sister Strange. 

Like Emily Winfield Martin's bestselling Dream Animals, here is a bedtime read-aloud sure to entrance young listeners. Each evening, as the shadows grow long, Wee Sister Strange climbs from her window and runs into the woods. She talks to the owls and rides on a bear. She clambers up trees and dives into the bog. She is searching for something.... She looks far and wide, over forest and marsh. What is it she seeks? Why, it's a wee bedtime story to help her fall asleep!

I really enjoyed the illustrations in this book. It definitely added to the over all feel of the book's charming mix of whimsical, pagan like, and spooky. The story is told in rhyming, though it's not a strong rhyming. It's just enough the keep the reader entertained. Overall, this is a book I really enjoyed. I liked that the story focused on a girl who loves to hear stories, including those that are about her. The illustrations were definitely my favorite part of this picture book. 

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