Wednesday, August 1, 2018

GRASSHOPPER MAGIC by Lynne Jonell / Book Review #GrasshopperMagic

By: Lynne Jonell
Illustrated by: Brandon Dorman
Published by: Random House
Released on: May 28th, 2014
Series: Magical Mix Ups #3
Ages: 7 & up
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A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for my honest review

Chicken? Abner is not a chicken, no matter what his brother Derek says. But when it comes to giving a speech in front of the whole town, Abner is . . . well . . . he's more than a little nervous.

   Then his sister Tate has an idea--bravery lessons. And the first one? Eat a roasted grasshopper. But Abner forgot something important. There's magic in the ground under his family's house and grasshoppers hatch from eggs laid in the ground. So what, exactly, would happen if a kid ate a grasshopper that had been soaking up magic all year long? BOING!

   Lynne Jonell follows up her Minnesota Book Award finalist, Texas Bluebonnet Master List choice, and Junior Library Guild selection Hamster Magic with a third story of the Willow family's rowdy run-ins with mixed-up magic.

A fun beginning reader. Written for kids who are transitioning from basic beginning readers, and picture books, this book's story is one that simplistic, engaging and at times silly. Mixed with a little bit of magic, and some adventure, this story is one doesn't require any over thinking in terms of the story. That is what makes this story great for a transitional beginning readers. This simple, short story, includes illustrations that will keep young readers invested in this story. This book would work great for reading groups in 1st and 2nd grade. 


Magisterium: THE GOLDEN TOWER by Cassie Clare & Holly Black / Exclusive Excerpt + Release Day Event Info! #TheMagisteriumSeries #TheGoldenTower

Who is a fan of THE MAGISTERIUM series by Cassandra Clare & Holly Black? Their 5th book in the series, THE GOLDEN TOWER, will be out on September 11th, 2018! Recently Cassie shared an excerpt for the book in her most recent newsletter. You can read the exclusive excerpt below:

Exclusive Excerpt: The Golden Tower

Call took the path that led alongside one of the Magisterium’s many underground rivers. It glowed eerie blue in the light of the moss. On the way, he peered around, looking for Warren. He even called the little lizard’s name a few times, his voice echoing through the caverns. He was sure he’d see Warren during the short boat trip, but by the time he got to the far bank, he decided Warren was avoiding him.

When Call reached Rufus’s door, he tapped on it and heard Mr. Rajavi’s voice echo from inside: “Come in.” The office looked much as it always had. The same papers were tacked to the walls, covered in what Call now recognized as alchemical equations. The big couch was gone, replaced by more bookshelves, and the old workstation had been replaced by one made of a gleaming clear material — quartz, Call guessed. Tamara’s father sat behind Rufus’s roll-top desk.

Oh, God, Call thought. Tamara’s father. And he’d just kissed Tamara. Was that why Mr. Rajavi was here?

Don’t be totally ridiculous, said Aaron. Do you think he’s psychic or something?

Kimiya was grounded for making out with Evil Overlord Alex — Tamara had said so. Mr. Rajavi had a well-established policy of not liking his children making out with Evil Overlords.

You can pre-order your copy here. Don't miss an exciting release day event featuring Cassie, Holly Black and a few of their friends. Here's what Cassie shared is happening:

Holly Black and I will be celebrating the release of the last Magisterium book, The Golden Tower, on September 11th at 7pm. This epic group event will feature David Levithan and Scott Westerfeld as well as me and Holly. The celebration will be hosted by Odyssey Books in South Hadley, MA. Exact location is TBD—contact the store for details.
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