Thursday, July 22, 2010

Book Review- Bobo The Race Car & Bobo Races On The Tricky Triangle

By Concetta M Payne
Illustrated by Marianna Dragomirova
Published by Mirror Publishing
Source- from the author
4 stars- great reads for kids

Bobo The Race Car:

Bobo is an awesome race car. His dream is to win a big race and be in the winner's circle. So you can just imagine how excited he was when he read that the Poco Race Track was having their first big racing event. He eagerly picked up the phone and called all his friends. He was thrilled when his friends Gator, Big Foot and Saber wanted to join him in the race. During their practice laps, Bobo noticed that his friend Big Foot was having serious problems on the track. Bobo and all his friends knew that Big Foot needed their help, but trying to convince Big Foot was not going to be easy. Just imagine these competing race cars jeopardizing their chances to be in the winner's circle in order to help their friend! Their confidence, determination and unselfish efforts to help their friend compete in the race are inspirational.

Bobo Races On The Tricky Triangle:
BoBo the Race Car was a little disappointed that for all his efforts to prepare for last year's race were not enough to put him in the Victory Circle. But this year was going to be different! He called all his friends asking them if they were going to compete in the Pocono 500 Race. His friends Big Foot and Saber were getting very excited about racing on the "Tricky Triangle" and were all ready to sign-up! The race cars heard many stories about how "tricky" the Pocono Raceway really was. It was a most challenging race track compared to the other tracks on which they had competed. They practiced everyday doing lap after lap, making those "very tricky" turns as fast as they could. All the race cars were ready for the big event. As the Pace Car left the track they all sped off gaining more speed. Bobo was entering his final lap when all of sudden he was faced with a VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM!!

These are such great stories, especially for little readers. The illustrations are cute and the stories themselves are great for young readers. They will learn about friendship, following their dreams and that it's okay if you don't win a race. Like Bobo, they can cheer their friends who win and not be upset if they don't win.

The stories also teach about friendship and not being upset when things don't go the way we want them to. Bobo is a great example t0 kids about never giving up and to keep trying. Bobo will also teach kids the importance of being a good sport and being happy for your friends when you don't win.


  1. Sounds like a fun book. Is it part of a series? And a technical question? - How do you get the font to be different colors?! :-)

  2. Hello Alybee, So sorry for my late response. Yes, BoBo the Race Car is the first in a series. My third BoBo story is ready to be submitted. As for the font colors, I owe a debt of gratitude to Mirror Publishing for thier amazing and innovative art work.


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