Sunday, December 26, 2010

Book Review- How To Raise A Dinosaur

By Natasha Wing
Illustrated By Pablo Bernasconi
Published by Running Press
Released on October 2010
Ages 3-8
Source- Natasha Wing
4 Stars- A Must Have for Dinosaur Fans

Just about every youngster at one point or another desperately wants a pet. Little do people know that just like cats, dogs, and hamsters, dinosaurs make great pets, too! How to Raise a Dinosaur is a unique novelty book complete with a die-cut jacket, dino-bites, sturdy cardstock pages, and lift-the-flaps on every spread! Perfect for any dinosaur lover, it also serves as a way for children to understand the importance of caring for a pet (quoted from Goodreads).

If you've wanted to have a dinosaur as a pet, then you need to get this book! This how to guide tells you all you need to know about taking care of your pet dinosaur. With a price tag of $8-$200, dinosaur lovers of all ages can easily purchase their own pet (be sure to ask your parent's permission first).

This is a cute, fun read that my kids and I enjoyed. Really, any book that makes my kids laugh out loud deserves a great recommendation. The fun illustrations make this book one that kids ages 3-8 will really enjoy. As a parent I enjoyed the thicker pages, the easy to read story, the couple lift the flaps and how each page had something unique on it. This is story I recommend for young dinosaur fans!


  1. I think I'll be adding this one to next year's library order. Kids love these types of "ridiculous" stories, and this one sounds like it would be a hit. Besides, can you go wrong with dinosaurs? :)

  2. This is a great book to add to the list! My kids thought it was hilarious. It is one of those fun, "ridiculous" stories that really engages kids. I agree, you can never go wrong with dinosaurs.


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