Monday, September 6, 2010

Book Review- The Famous Nini

The Mostly True Story Of How A Plain White Cat Became A Star
By Mary Nethery
Illustrated by John Manders
Published by Clarion Books
Source- The Author/Publisher
Released on June 7th, 2010
4 Stars- A Wonderful Read

In Venice in the 1890s, a café owner takes in a stray cat she names Nini. This is against her better judgment, for the café is modest, and she has nothing to spare. But in no time at all, the cat becomes a celebrity, charming all sorts of important visitors, including the composer Giuseppe Verdi, the King and Queen of Italy, and even the pope himself. Nini's fame helps save the struggling business. Bit is his stardom enough to produce a small miracle of a different sort? (taken from the book's cover)

My kids and I really enjoyed reading about Nini, a real cat from the 1890's who was taken in by a cafe owner in Venice, Italy. Nini's story in The Famous Nini is a wonderful reminder about how small acts of kindness can go a long way. Nini is visited by many famous people all over the world, whom after meeting Nini are changed for the better.

Nini helps not only helps Nonna, the cafe owner who takes him in, but he inspires the world famous composer Giuseppe Verdi, helps the King & Queen of Italy make a tough decision, gets blessed by the Pope, helps the Emperor of Ethiopia's young daughter speak again and inspires other people around him.

The Famous Nini has beautiful illustrations and that both young and old will enjoy. With the author's note included at the end of the story, readers will learn the Nini really did live, see the cafe he lived at and learn about which famous people really came to meet him.

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